Generally, our work supports efforts in infrastructure, urban planning, public relations, or environmental causes.

More specifically, our capabilities include:

· Art direction
· Branding strategy
· Communication design
· Data visualization
· Design education
· Environmental design
· Public art
· Signage
· Urban design
· Wayfinding

Wayside is an independent studio focused on urban design and visual communication. Led by its principal, Curry Hackett.

Our practice employs diverse, site-specific methods to realize projects of socio-cultural value. We work at multiple scales to bolster the relationship between people, their communities, and the environments that support them.

Why the name? The long story, short:

A wayside is the strip of land near the edge of a road or railroad track—an ill-defined edge condition denoting a shift between contrasting modes of living.

By encountering each project from its edges (constraints) and observing its context, we shape approaches that maximize shared value. In this way, we engage design as a means of responding to sociocultural and environmental issues.

We have worked with public relations agencies, civil engineers, landscape architects, real estate developers, arts commissions, and environmental agencies.

Select clients include:

· DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities

· DC Department of Energy and Environment

· DC Public Library

· DC Water

· Pelonkey, Inc.

Additionally, we often collaborate with other like-minded folks to realize our projects.

Select partners include:

· Form Function

· Interagency Consultants

· Jay Coleman

· Joe Margot

January 2019

Curry Hackett (Wayside Studio)


Montserrat and Montserrat Alternates by Julieta Ulanovsky

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